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We help product teams uncover insights hidden in their data and come up with proven growth strategies.



Amplitude and Mixpanel Certified

Our certification ensures that we can provide your team with the insights, strategies, and hands-on training necessary to leverage these platforms effectively.

What We Offer

Shoka Sonjuku is a growth and analytics consultancy with a proven track-record working with leading apps and services around the world. Our team offers the following four key results.

Retention and Conversion Optimization

Churn Reduction

Subscription and Pricing Optimization

Growth & Product Analytics Team Training

Growth Services

Growth Strategy

We propose growth strategies tailored to your company's product, based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

Data Analysis

We will dive deep into your data stack to learn how users are behaving in your product, to uncover insights and grow opportunities.

Event Taxonomy

We will diagnose and optimize your event taxonomy to make sure you're tracking everything valuable to your business.

Data Stack Optimization

From integration to analysis, we focus on streamlining processes, aligning with global standards, and providing a robust, scalable data architecture for sustained growth and agility.

Hypothesis Testing

Testing hypotheses can be hard. We will optimize your controlled testing, test goal setting, and test cadence to  maximize your team's hypothesis testing feedback loop.

Growth Training

Consulting engagements shouldn't last forever. That's why we're committed to nurturing your team, ensuring that they are equipped with world-standard methodologies for product growth, product analytics, and testing.

"At Tinder, we were struggling with expansion into the Japanese market and facing difficulties with churn. Shoka Sonjuku dug into our data to found where users were dropping off and provided  improvements, all within the first month. Thanks to them our early localization efforts didn't go to waste."

Omar Minami
Japan Localization Lead

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What type of consulting engagement can I expect

We commence our partnership with an initial free consultation to deeply understand your product's challenges and the specific issues you are aiming to resolve.
Our engagements are typically bi-weekly, during which we present our comprehensive findings and strategic proposals tailored to your objectives.

Beyond these scheduled interactions, we maintain an open line of communication through a dedicated Slack or Teams channel, ensuring that your team has consistent access to our expertise and can engage with us for ongoing inquiries and support.

What is your pricing structure?

We'll work together on a month-to-month advisory contract.

What about startups or products that don't have much data yet?

Our clients range from startups to enterprises, and we would be happy to have you on board. Lacking direct empirical data is not a constraint, as we deploy our rigorously field-tested strategies and heuristic diagnostics. These methodologies are designed to accurately evaluate your current standing and to formulate a customized growth trajectory, positioning you for sustained success.